• Are you seeking honest feedback about your forensic reports so you can maximize efficiency while preserving quality and the reducing risk of tough cross-examination?
  • Aspire to specialize in forensics but not sure how to navigate the unique challenges of working within the legal system? Consulting with a seasoned forensic examiner can give you clarity, opportunity to practice testimony, receive feedback on your reports.
  • Does it feel like you work in a vacuum with little professional support yet you value the opportunity to discuss a case with another forensic examiner?

Forensic Psychological Evaluation Consultation

Access to consultation with a seasoned forensic psychologist can contribute to your confidence in your case conceptualizations and findings while challenging you to consider other aspects to the evaluation that may not have teased out yet.

Take the opportunity to prepare for testimony, receive a report review, and more! Contact Dr. Warren-Phillips today for a consultation and initiate what could be the beginning of a long-term consulting relationship.

Consultation for First Responder Agencies

Empowering Responder Well-being and Performance

Value of resiliency for first responders:
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Dr. Tennille Warren-Phillips, a 20+ year law enforcement officer (LEO), offers specialized consultation services tailored for first responder locations. Focused on enhancing staff well-being, she leverages her experience leading a LEO peer support team to provide consultation for on-the-job wellness opportunities for first responders.

Dr. Warren-Phillips is poised to guide your agency in creating bespoke wellness and relaxation areas within your first responder workplaces. Her attentive approach to details surrounding an effective wellness environment convinces the ever-so-busy first responder to catch their breath for a sigh of relief.

Additionally, with decades of experience in de-escalating crisis situations, she conducts insightful workshops on effectively interacting with severely mentally ill individuals in crisis.

Elevate your agency with Dr. Warren-Phillips' consultation services, providing essential opportunities for staff decompression and valuable training to navigate the complexities of severe mental health issues. As you seek to enhance your team's well-being and training, Dr. Tennille Warren-Phillips stands ready to bring her versatile expertise to your agency.

Consultation For Management Officials

  • Has being a management official left you feeling drained as you carry the heavy responsibility of leadership?
  • Do you find yourself questioning if how you are treated is a result of your personal characteristics (i.e., race, gender, parental status, etc.)?
  • Do the demands of managing staff leave little time for your own happiness?
  • Struggling to balance achieving ever increasing targets for results, with limited resources?

These stressors can be overwhelming and leave you feeling alone in the struggle. But, you are not alone! 

I have been a leader within a large federal government agency for more than 16 years and have refined my approach to coping with leadership stress. 

My talent as a manager which has yielded national and local awards is available to you. Reach out to Relate Psychological Services today for an opportunity to be heard, vent, and brainstorm how to succeed amongst the plethora of stress.

Suicide Risk Assessment Consultation

  • Are you concerned about a client who is showing warning signs of suicide risk but you're unsure of what to do?
  • Does asking questions about suicide risk make you nervous and question how to proceed? Even long seasoned mental health providers can find themselves questioning if they are making the right judgement call when safety planning for an at-risk client.
  • Do you struggle to rest at night, worried the next call to your phone will be a notification your client has killed themselves? I know what it's like to question if the right judgment call has been made: The dilemma of striving to keep the client safe, while protecting one's professional license and minimizing intrusion on the client's freedom.

With more than 20 years of experience performing hundreds of formal suicide risk assessments and consulting on many hundreds more, I offer providers consultation for evaluating suicide risk.

We will work together to review your current approach to the assessment of suicide risk, and develop a plan to mitigate high risk factors for your client, while being cognizant of the need to reduce risk of legal vulnerabilities.

Mentoring For Early Career Psychologists

Yay, school is officially behind you! But, now what? Many questions linger about how to balance being an early career professional and personal goals like starting a family, tackling debt, and asking for what you're worth from a potential/current employer.
It's been two decades since I left graduate school and since then, I have developed meaningful mentoring relationships with early career professionals. My goal for working with mentees is to empower their professional development via encouragement, objective feedback, and promoting their ability to choose what makes them happy instead of conforming to other's expectations.

Who are we as leaders if we do not inspire our replacements while preparing them to continue our legacy?

experience & qualifications

20+ Years as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist Texas License #37697

Suicide Risk Management Planning

Forensic Psychological Evaluation Consultation

Certified in 40 States

Relate Psychological Services provides services to individuals 18 years and older. 

Masters in Clinical Psychology From Pepperdine University with an Emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver with an Emphasis in Forensic Assessment

Working with
dr. Warren-Phillips

I offer graduate school students and early career graduates (0-5 years post-graduate degree) discounted mentorship services.

This includes support from a seasoned clinician about balancing family life with that of a helping professional, to providing a safe space to discuss professional insecurities, and ultimately encouraging you to optimize your professional capabilities.

Choosing to work with me gives you access to a mental health doctor who possesses strength in both psychological assessment and treatment.

"Dr. Warren-Phillips is an exceptional therapist and distinguished leader in her field. Her remarkable personality, characterized by warmth and empathy, makes her an efficient, judicious, and supportive communicator. She establishes a secure and productive space for everyone, consistently going the extra mile to ensure their well-being.

I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Warren-Phillips for anyone seeking transformative therapy."

Alicia A. Williams, PhD
Biotechnology Lead
Shell Global Solutions, Inc

"She is who I turn to, when I need someone to listen, and I keep going back because of how she listens, and because it works."

Dr. Geoff Grimm, Ph.D., ABPP

"Dr. Warren-Phillips is such a joy to learn from, her personality gleans into her professionalism and at every turn I felt that she supported me as an emerging leader in my field."

Former Mentee

Join me in the garden

Visit Garden Sessions, a YouTube channel by Dr. Warren-Phillips to experience her relatability, honesty, and straight forward approach to communication while sharing her passion for gardening.

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