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Unlike therapy; An assessment or evaluation is a diagnostic process focusing on understanding specific issues, gathering comprehensive information, and providing a detailed analysis to guide the creation of a tailored treatment plan.

Unlike therapy; An assessment or evaluation is a diagnostic process focusing on understanding specific issues, gathering comprehensive information, and providing a detailed analysis to guide the creation of a tailored treatment plan.

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Dementia Testing

As you approach your senior years, concerns regarding cognitive functioning may emerge as does curiosity about how to optimize healthy cognitive functioning. To best determine what interventions are a good fit, a Neurocognitive Screening Exam can be helpful to the development of customized recommendations for memory and cognitive problems before they become more severe. This type of evaluation aids in monitoring your cognitive functioning as you age and can be repeated annually to track changes in thinking abilities.

The Neurocognitive Screening Exam is made to fit into your life’s busy schedule while still providing valuable actionable insight into your mental health. Because this evaluation is abbreviated relative to a full neuropsychological assessment battery, it is significantly more cost effective and can be quicker to access rather than an extended wait for an intensive evaluation. The examination is typically conducted remotely, but may be done in person in greater Houston, Texas. Data from neuropsychological testing, a clinical interview, evaluation of emotional health, and a review of records contribute to a diagnostic opinion and customized recommendations for managing changes in memory, etc. The process will conclude with a debrief session to discuss your broad neurocognitive strengths and weakness.

  • Are you nervous that recent changes in your memory could be a sign of dementia?
  • Are you unsure of whether your increased forgetfulness is normal for your age?
  • Have you considered a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation for your memory problems but were given a long wait time alongside a huge price tag?

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For you

Identifying whether a change in concentration and memory is normal aging or a red flag for dementia is key for peace of mind and planning.

The Neurocognitive Screening Exam provides a client with a broad overview of their cognitive status and answers whether an increase in forgetfulness, new episodes of irritability or confusion, or difficulty concentrating rises to the level of a clinical concern. 

It informs an individual how their cognitive function compares to same-age peers and discerns if cognitive changes are associated with depression (pseudodementia) or the result of a neurocognitive disorder (i.e., dementia). Methods to adapt to cognitive changes and how to optimize healthy cognitive functioning are summarized with customized recommendations for memory and other mental health problems before they become more severe. This evaluation can be performed annually to monitor cognitive functioning as the client ages. 

  • Concerned about a senior’s decline in memory?
  • Is your loved one losing their keys for the 3rd time this week?
  • Are they forgetting what you told them just a few hours earlier?
  • Is your loved one resistant to seeking a cognitive evaluation?

for a loved one

For you

Neurocognitive Screening Exam

During the debrief, clients receive insights into their current cognitive and emotional functioning, identification of strengths and weaknesses, and tailored recommendations. These recommendations are evidence-based and aim to assist the client effectively. Additionally, the evaluation might indicate areas requiring further detailed assessment or referrals.

What to Expect with a
Neurocognitive Screening Exam

WITH A Neurocognitive
Screening Exam


Findings and Recommendations

The Neurocognitive Screening Exam primarily involves cognitive testing to screen for dementia. However, it typically doesn't specify the specific type of dementia a client may have. Note that this screening is not intended for individuals with severe memory deficits or major cognitive concerns resulting from traumatic brain injuries.

Conducted remotely via a HIPAA approved televideo platform, the exam begins with a 30-45 minute clinical interview during the initial evaluation session. This interview gathers crucial details from the client (and, if permitted, a family member) about cognitive concerns, medical and psychological history, education, and work background.

Process and Procedure

Following the interview, the client should expect to undergo approximately 45-60 minutes of psychological/neuropsychological testing. Once testing is completed, the data is evaluated, a comprehensive report is prepared, and a debrief session is scheduled to discuss findings.

Testing Duration and Follow-up

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The Mind, Mood, & Me

This comprehensive assessment is dedicated to understanding and enhancing your mental well-being. Specifically designed for adults, it delves into social and emotional functioning, shedding light on concerns related to socialization, psychological well-being, emotional regulation, and interpersonal relationships.

Following the evaluation, expect personalized verbal feedback and a detailed written report. This report contains specific psychological diagnoses and tailored treatment recommendations, facilitating your journey towards improved well-being.

Outcome and Personalized Feedback

Scope and Diagnostic Focus

For a personalized approach to self-discovery and well-being, request the Mind, Mood, & Me evaluation to gain valuable insights into your mental health.

Request the Mind, Mood, & Me Evaluation

Through extensive clinical interviews, structured diagnostic assessments, and standardized testing, Dr. Warren-Phillips gathers a comprehensive profile. This process uncovers personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses, aiming to diagnose and clarify concerns related to behavior, mood, and cognitive processes.

The evaluation examines symptoms associated with bipolar disorder, depression disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosis (like schizophrenia), substance use disorders, and various personality traits.

Evaluation Process Details

Personality Disorder Consultation

  • You may find that your relationships are uniquely strained. While desperately trying to keep someone in your life, you also actively push them away. 
  • A sense of emptiness haunts you while your anger may sometimes become wildly unleashed, triggered by minor slights.
  • Or perhaps you have no interest in having close friends or remaining connected with your family. 
  • Do you crave doing things alone and could care less about what others think of you?
  • Do you find that you are super focused on winning and perfection? See yourself as more incredible than the feedback others give?

This consultation is typically sought out by those who question if they have Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and others personality traits that result in impairment.

These personality traits can impact how we perceive ourselves and others, which in turn influences relationships. However, we are not always aware of the makeup of our personality structure or how it impacts our lives.
The Personality Disorder Consultation is designed to help us identify those aspects of your personality and mental health that lead to problems in your life and relationships. We will achieve this goal by using assessments and information about your past and present, as well as your perspective of your future. This consultation will also help you build insight into your core and surface content and we’ll discuss things you can do to live your life differently. The consultation includes a debrief and discussion about the written report.

Individual Therapy | 1:1 therapy sessions
50 min.

Group Therapy | Therapy with a small group of peers
$75               $100
60 min.        90min.

A 15% discount is available when the entire Transforming Temper or Balanced Living programs are paid in full prior to the first session.

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Personality Disorder Consultation with Report

Mind, Mood, and Me Evaluation with Report

Fees are subject to change. Prepayment of group therapy programs are nonrefundable. All services require payment prior to services being rendered. Credit, debit, and health spending account cards are accepted.

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